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Migration Specialists

Let our account-moving experts do all the heavy lifting. For complex sites, or for members who simply don’t know where to start - we’ll take care of the entire migration.

Not currently hosted on cPanel?

Transferring your website, mail and other services between providers can be a complex and daunting task. Our team of specialised experts have over 12 years experience in development and hosting platforms allowing us to easily transfer any site that's compatible with our hosting products. We’ll transfer all website files, email addresses, databases, and more...

Moving from a cPanel host

  • cPanel to cPanel transfers are completely free of charge
  • No limit to the number of accounts that can be transferred
  • Schedule a time and date you would like the transfer to commence
  • Complete account replication from your current hosting provider

We recommend consulting our transfer specialists before commencing a cPanel account transfer, our team will describe and provide you with precise instructions to ensure that you go through a smooth and simple transfer with minimal disruption to your service.

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