Our Story

Why Panthur started

Panthur started out as a non-commercial organisation that set up to provide the most fast, reliable and secure web hosting service possible. To do this effectively we put together a passionate and highly experienced 24/7 technical support & sales team.

With solid base PANTHUR grew and gained public recognition, as of 2009 we began making our products and services commercially available to the public.

Adam Seliman, founder

"The most fast, reliable and secure web hosting service possible"

Adam Seliman, founder

"A completely transparent service delivered to you by the industry specialists"

Adam Seliman, founder

"We're not just talk, building a business focused around our members needs"


What we're here to do

We're here to bring absolute customer satisfaction to an industry that lacks it. To do this we're committed to being available to you 24 hours 7 days a week via phone and email to answer support or sales queries.

We have built our company around our customers and our large client base has allowed us to cater for a diverse range of web hosting requirements. To do this we prioritise flexible and scalable services so that you're able to find a plan that suits your needs.


Our Experience

We have over 8 years experience in the web hosting industry, during that time we have hosted thousands of websites. This has given us invaluable knowledge on how to effectively provide a quality service to our customers.

Each staff member we have has been chosen based on their knowledge and experience in different fields of this industry, giving us a strong, versatile team that continually work to improve our services and exceed your expectations.

"Really enjoy having web hosting through @panthurcom now, the only problem was I left it to long to use their services. Highly recommended."

Bjarni Wark, 2017 Jan 18

"@panthurcom once again proving why I give you guys my money! Problem this morning that was resolved in under 5 minutes, over Christmas!"

Tim Crockford, 2016 Dec 28

"Looking for a hosting company, these guys are amazing
@panthurcom #spardadesign https://t.co/fjIgur1FYg https://t.co/BrCRCnGLEW"

Sparda Design, 2016 Aug 08

"I've said it before and I'll say it again. @panthurcom is the best web host on the planet. Such amazing support. Always above & beyond!"

LateNite Films, 2015 Dec 21

"@panthurcom I have used several web hosting companies in the past. But the customer service from Panthur is 100 stars! Well done :)"

3D Printing Systems, 2015 Dec 07

"Cannot fault the service @panthurcom. Today, just minutes to resolve a support ticket. If you are after an Australian webhost, try them!"

Matthew Gillam, 2015 Oct 29

"@panthurcom Moving my Magento to a Stealth server saw big decrease in load times, but new LiteMage Cache feature has made it even faster!"

Simply Computing, 2015 Sep 26

"Shout out to @panthurcom for being so utterly patient, helpful and AVAILABLE. Thank you."

LittleMissMelbourne, 2015 May 01

"@panthurcom These guys are actually the best... If you want hosting, seriously. Get some. They just saved me from ruining my website. LOVE!"

Lex DangerFox, 2015 Apr 21

"Pretty darn impressed with @panthurcom as a web host so far. Very responsive support. They even called to say welcome."

Lucas Randall, 2015 Apr 02

"Received some outstanding #customerservice from Roy at @panthurcom over an email issue a friend was having. Dude deserves a raise! :)"

Stuart Drew, 2014 Dec 17

"Instant, knowledgeable and courteous support at 11pm confirms again why @panthurcom are the very best Aussie webhosts, wholesale or retail."

AISweb, 2014 Nov 20