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Really enjoy having web hosting through @panthurcom now, the only problem was I left it to long to use their services. Highly recommended. Bjarni Wark
@panthurcom once again proving why I give you guys my money! Problem this morning that was resolved in under 5 minutes, over Christmas! Tim Crockford
Looking for a hosting company, these guys are amazing
@panthurcom #spardadesign https://t.co/fjIgur1FYg https://t.co/BrCRCnGLEW Sparda Design
I've said it before and I'll say it again. @panthurcom is the best web host on the planet. Such amazing support. Always above & beyond! LateNite Films
@panthurcom I have used several web hosting companies in the past. But the customer service from Panthur is 100 stars! Well done :) 3D Printing
Cannot fault the service @panthurcom. Today, just minutes to resolve a support ticket. If you are after an Australian webhost, try them! Matthew Gillam
@panthurcom Moving my Magento to a Stealth server saw big decrease in load times, but new LiteMage Cache feature has made it even faster! Simply Computing
Shout out to @panthurcom for being so utterly patient, helpful and AVAILABLE. Thank you. LittleMissMelbourne
@panthurcom These guys are actually the best... If you want hosting, seriously. Get some. They just saved me from ruining my website. LOVE! Lex DangerFox
Pretty darn impressed with @panthurcom as a web host so far. Very responsive support. They even called to say welcome. Lucas Randall
Received some outstanding #customerservice from Roy at @panthurcom over an email issue a friend was having. Dude deserves a raise! :) Stuart Drew
Instant, knowledgeable and courteous support at 11pm confirms again why @panthurcom are the very best Aussie webhosts, wholesale or retail. AISweb

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Unlike many of our competitors we do not offer the world for a small fee and we do not cram as many accounts as possible onto a single server. In this industry you generally get what you pay for and we offer a premium service to businesses and individuals that require the most reliable Australian web hosting to serve their customers. When we make you a promise, we keep it.

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Web Hosting

Panthur provides web hosting with a 99.9% uptime, 24/7 support and a money-back guarantee. All websites are hosted in Australia using the latest industry technology to provide a fast, stable, and secure service with instant activation.

How much is web hosting?

Panthur offers a wide range of website hosting options, which makes it easy to find the right hosting plan for your business. Prices depend on many factors, such as resource requirements, storage space, and monthly bandwidth.

Economy Hosting

is perfect for small or mid-level websites with a small budget and low resource requirements. It is ideal for WordPress or Joomla. Plans start from $6 per month for the Mini plan with 2,000 MB storage space. The Advanced plan is $11 per month with 6,000 MB storage space, and the Professional plan is $16 per month.

Business Hosting

is suited for when your site is business-critical, high traffic, or to sell products online, and is ideal for Drupal and Codeigniter. Prices range from $21 on the Bronze plan with 20,000 MB storage space, to the $31 Silver plan with 60,000 MB storage space, to the $61 Gold plan with 100,000 MB storage space.

Stealth Hosting

is ideal for users running ecommerce sites with high traffic or resource-intensive websites. It is perfect for Magento. Prices begin at $50 per month on the Puma plan, to $100 on the Leopard plan to $150 on the Panthur plan.

Panthur has dedicated servers at data centres located in Sydney. All web hosting plans feature instant activation.

If you pay yearly, you will receive a 5% discount. There is also a 10% discount for two years or a 20% discount for three years.

How can I host a website?

To host a website, first, you need to select the right Linux hosting company to suit your needs. Panthur places emphasis on quality and meeting client needs, with a 99.9% uptime.

Next, you will need to pick from the available hosting plans - choose from economy, business or stealth website hosting. You will also need to choose your billing period and which tier plan you need. This depends on factors such as the price, storage space, monthly bandwidth, email accounts, and SQL databases.

After you’ve chosen your hosting plan, you’ll then need to decide on a domain name. Panthur makes it easy to purchase a domain name with a huge variety of extensions available to choose from.

This is everything you need to host a website. If you need any help, Panthur has technical support experts available 24/7.

What is a web hosting control panel?

A web hosting control panel is also referred to as a cPanel. It is a graphical user interface or a web-based interface that is accessible online. It is provided by a hosting company which gives users tools to manage their server, website and hosted services. You can access the control panel via a web browser.

What are the different types of hosting?

Web hosting is a rather broad term, which can be used as an umbrella term to describe many different types of hosting.

The most common Linux hosting plans are:

  • Cloud-based hosting

    Cloud hosting refers to many computers running together in a network, like the internet. As resources are spread across more than one web server, it reduces the chance of there being any downtime due to a malfunctioning server.
  • Shared Hosting

    Shared hosting is ideal for entry-level hosting, where your website is stored on the same server as other websites. Each domain also shares resources like RAM and CPU. Costs of shared hosting are rather cheap, and it’s perfect for small business owners.
  • Dedicated Server Hosting

    Dedicated hosting provides site owners with more control over the server, as you exclusively rent it and it’s used only to host your website. It is more expensive and suited for sites with high traffic.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

    VPS website hosting is similar to a dedicated server, but it uses shared hosting. It’s suited for website owners who require extra control but don’t wish to pay for a dedicated server.
  • Managed Hosting

    Managed hosting is where a hosting company provides technical services like hardware and software setup and configuration, technical support, maintenance, and updating and monitoring.

With so many different types of hosting, it can be rather confusing. Whatever type of hosting you need, Panthur can help. Contact one of our friendly technicians who are available 24/7, and we can find the best web hosting solution for you.

How to transfer web hosting?

Transferring your web hosting can be both confusing and time-consuming. But luckily there is an easier way. Panthur’s technical support account-moving experts can take care of the migration for you from start to finish.

If your website is not hosted on CPanel, it can be quite a complicated process. Luckily, our specialised team has over 12 years of hosting and web development experience. This lets us transfer your site, including the website files, databases, and email addresses easily to our hosting platform.

Are you are moving from a cPanel host? Then the process is a lot easier. Panthur provides completely free cPanel to cPanel hosting transfers with no account limits. Just schedule a date and time to start the transfer, and our friendly support team will be able to assist you.

To eliminate disruption to your website and business, it’s recommended to first consult a Panthur transfer specialist before you begin a cPanel account transfer.

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