Whois Protection

Keep your personal information private

Domain Whois Protection available on all applicable domain extensions free of charge.

Whois Protection will ensure that your private contact information is not exposed. It is held in confidentiality and protected by Panthur’s Whois Protection service. Their contact information is displayed to provide you with the highest level of protection against spammers and identity theft.

How we protect your identity

Displays your personal information
Organization Name: Company Name Pty Ltd.
First Name: Joe
Last Name: Jackson
Address 1: 12 Main St
Address 2: PO Box 133
City: Liverpool
State: NSW
Zip Code: 2166
Country: Australia
Phone: (02) 8472 1293
Protects your personal information
Organization Name: My Protected Info
First Name: Whois
Last Name: Agent
Address 1: PO Box 2242
Address 2: Templestowe Lower
City: Melbourne
State: VIC
Zip Code: 3107
Country: Australia
Phone: 1300 735 272

Relayed Emails


Whois Protection replaces your email address in the Whois database with a unique "[email protected]" address. Every email sent to this address is filtered and then forwarded to an email address of your choice, drastically reducing the amount of spam in your inbox, while ensuring you receive legitimate communication.

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